Therapy Works is the leading provider of vocational rehabilitation services and preventative initiatives to businesses throughout the Taranaki and Wanganui region.

Task Analysis

This is an important component as a preventative initiative to enable a successful return to work. It involves:

  • Break down of each task carried out
  • Identification of risk factors and provision of recommendations for improvement
  • Assistance with the determination of suitable duties/alternate tasks

It includes:

  • An investigation of the demands of the job. For example, what weights are lifted? How are they lifted and how often?
  • Postures adopted and movements carried out, taking into account length of time and percentage of working day positions are sustained for
  • Identifying frequency and repetition of each task
  • Physical demand of each task is quantified
  • An investigation of the environment the job is carried out in, and
  • Recommendations to identified areas are made