Therapy Works is the leading provider of vocational rehabilitation services and preventative initiatives to businesses throughout the Taranaki and Wanganui region.

Functional Reactivation Programme

Using the biopsychosocial model integrates the medical and social models to provide a coherent view of different perspectives of health; biological, individual and social (WHO 2002). Therapy Works, alongside other health professionals aim, to educate and facilitate pain management skills for those in persistent pain. This may include the following:

  • Gradually increase activity levels

  • Facilitate change in behaviour

  • Transfer new behaviour to everyday life and work

  • Take active responsibility for managing pain

  • Relapse planning

  • Education regarding pacing of activity

  • Graded exposure to tasks

  • Teaching general life skills (for example, sleep issues, task simplification techniques, energy conservation and basic ergonomics in every day life)

  • Encouragement to return to normal activity and appropriate goal setting

  • Relaxation techniques

  • Providing consistent information

Aims of a physical activation programme:

  • Provide individually created activity programmes pertinent to the individuals needs to increase their level of activity/preparation for return to work.

  • Reverse the effects of physical deconditioning

  • Challenge and reduce the patients fears of activity

  • Graded exposure to tasks; evidence of fear exacerbating pain state.

  • Minimise physical impairment and optimise function

  • Provide a safe approach towards gradual increase in activity - pacing skills

  • Encourage active management of the claimants in increasing their functional levels, to include self exercising

  • Address: Posture/Body Mechanics/Ergonomics

  • Setting realistic rehabilitation goals

  • Promote positive effects of exercise

  • Incorporate the recommendations from other health professionals and where necessary conduct joint sessions

  • Monitoring activity levels

  • Maintenance of pain management skills