Therapy Works is the leading provider of vocational rehabilitation services and preventative initiatives to businesses throughout the Taranaki and Wanganui region.

Work Site Assessments (WSA)

A WSA involves the evaluation of an employee, their workstation, the physical environment, organisational factors and its interaction with the employee. It is tailored to address the needs of each individual and includes an objective assessment of the workplace. Once complete, a plan is devised with both the employee and employer. Therapy Works provide a service, specific to the needs identified during the work site assessment.

The WSA report will:

  • Make recommendations for workplace modifications and/or job redesign to accommodate an injured persons return to work

  • Identify appropriate equipment to assist employee in workplace

  • Identify possible suitable or alternate duties

  • Include education provided to the employee

  • Make recommendations re: onward referral to other services if needed

  • Promote a safe work environment

  • Be forwarded to the injured worker, employer, medical practitioner and any other relevant health professionals. Direct liaison between all parties will be carried out as appropriate.