Therapy Works is the leading provider of vocational rehabilitation services and preventative initiatives to businesses throughout the Taranaki and Wanganui region.

Yarrows the Bakers

Yarrows the Bakers


Yarrows The Bakers have been working with Therapy Works for a number of years now. Myself I have been working directly with Therapy Works for nearly 2 years. I have nothing but positive things to say about the programs they have helped implement here.

She has helped in:
Setting up Worksite assessments
Assisting in return to work programs
Activity based programs
Ergonomic review on specific areas and also individuals
Has assisted with Pain Management Programs.

We have been able to set up a lot of procedures to help assist any further incidents occurring.

Through Therapy Works excellent service I believe we have been able to get our staff back on the road to recovery a lot quicker. Their service focuses on each individual and how we can best help them and also the business.

Through their help and assistance we have been able to cut back on a lot of wasted time when rehabilitating staff, finding them a job specific for them.
I have nothing but positive praise for Therapy Works .
It has made my role and job so much easier with their assistance


Yours Sincerely
Jamie Coburn
Health & Safety Manager
Yarrows (The Bakers) Limited